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why diapers?

obviously, clean diapers are a basic need

Believe it or not, though, one in two families struggle to provide clean diapers to their baby! This is a serious issue impacting the physical, mental, and economic well-being of children and families.


what is diaper need?


No government programs help cover the cost of diapers

Officially, “diaper need” is the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers needed to remain clean, dry, and healthy. And while the average household in need falls 19 diapers short each month, WIC and SNAP (food stamps) do not provide diapers. 

how does this affect babies and families?

Well, they’re dirty, cranky, and likely unhealthy.

  • Health — Babies are more vulnerable to painful rashes and urinary tract infections, leading to more trips to the doctor.

  • Missing work or school — Three in five parents miss work or school because they cannot afford the diapers needed to leave their baby at childcare.

  • Development — A wet or dirty diaper prohibits babies from engaging and exploring their environments.

  • Stress — Parents dealing with poverty might have to choose among buying food, paying bills, or buying diapers. That’s why 1/2 of households get stressed over diapers.


57% of parents missed work because they didn't have diapers to send to daycare

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1 in 2 families in Indiana struggle to afford diapers

diaper need in indiana

Indiana ranks higher than the national average for children living in poverty. Those children are at greatest risk of diaper need and the effects that brings. Until recently, these struggling families had very few places to turn for front-line diaper programs.


“My kids run out of diapers. Sometimes I have to use my daughter's diapers for my son and my son’s for my daughter, even though they wear different sizes. Once my friend saw my son wearing my daughter's pink diapers and asked about it.”


Diaper Recipient, Mother, Abigeal O. 

helping to meet diaper need

Indiana Diaper Bank provides diapers to local pantries that serve families in immediate need of diapers. We also work with a growing network of distribution centers that provide diapers as part of their monthly services and programs.


Indiana Diaper Bank requires community support and donations of diapers and dollars to improve the well-being of children and families in our communities. Learn how you can get involved


diapers distributed


babies diapered


packages of wipes distributed


partner agencies

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