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what we collect

Your donations of diapers and other essentials go a long way toward helping families in need. Read on for the full list of donations we accept.

covering the essentials 


You get it. Baby bottoms must be covered! Here’s what you can donate to Indiana Diaper Bank: 

  • new disposable baby diapers and training pants (pull-ups) 

  • unused diapers that your child has outgrown that are in open packages  

  • new packages of wipes and unopened diaper rash creams

  • cloth diapers are accepted, but please strip and clean before donating

Where to donate? At the Diaper Drop Spot most convenient for you. Our drop spot representative will make sure the donations make it to the diaper bank safely. 

Note: we have an outstanding need for baby wipes, diapers (sizes 4, 5, & 6) and all sizes of pull-ups. 

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