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Indiana Diaper Bank Billing Office

9511 Angola Ct.

Suite #253

Indianapolis, IN 46268

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Immediate Diaper Help:

We provide diapers through our partners only; we do not distribute diapers at our headquarters.

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General Questions:


Volunteer Inquiries:

Dani Wilson, Volunteer and Community Outreach Manager

Partner Agency Inquiries:

Ashley Burns, President & CEO

Media & Sponsorship Inquiries:

Ashley, President & CEO

Inventory Management:

Ashley Burns, President & CEO

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frequently asked questions

can I get diapers directly from the diaper bank?

No. Indiana Diaper Bank gives diapers to a network of local nonprofit organizations and partner agencies, who distribute them in the communities they serve. We recommend calling the agencies closest to you to make sure they have the size(s) you need. Note, we supply diapers for children ages birth through four years old; we do not offer adult diapers.

do you accept open packages of diapers? 

Yes! Simply place them in a bag, tie the top, and drop them off at your nearest diaper drop spot

do you accept cloth diapers? 

Yes! We accept new and clean cloth diapers at any of our diaper drop spots.

do you accept adult and youth diapers? 

No. We focus on our programs on children ages birth through four years old. We accept size Preemie through size 7 diapers and toddler sizes of pull-ups. We suggest calling your local homeless shelter or adult daycare center to see if they are in need of larger sizes.

where can I drop off diapers?

We have diaper drop spots throughout Indiana.

does Indiana Diaper Bank collect other baby items besides diapers?

Yes. We also accept new packages of wipes and unopened diaper rash creams.

what types of volunteer opportunities are available?

We offer regular volunteer sessions where we sort, pack, and stack diapers, manage inventory, and organize the diaper pantry. Private volunteer events and data entry opportunities are also available upon request. Contact Dani Wilson at for more information.

common questions from
our partner agencies

as a partner agency, how often can we request diapers?

Once each month. Request diapers through our partner portal, Partner Base.

does Indiana Diaper Bank distribute other baby items besides diapers?

Sometimes. We provide new packages of wipes and unopened diaper rash creams when we have them available.

do you have cloth diapers? 

Yes. However, our supply is variable depending on community donations.

where do the diapers come from?

Some are donated from the local community and some are purchased with donated funds. 

what brands of diapers do you have?

As diapers are donated by the community, we have several brands on hand. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill certain brand requests. If your client has an allergy, please let us know.

how do we sign up to become a diaper distribution partner for Indiana Diaper Bank? 

We’re excited that you’re considering becoming a partner! We have all the steps it takes in this handy application checklist. You’ll get started by reading our Partner Agency Guide (PDF) Then, you’ll fill out our application and email it along with the required documents to

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