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diaper drives

the potential to help hundreds of babies

Coordinating a diaper drive is easy and a great way to help fight diaper need in your community. Diaper drives bring in the big three items we need — baby wipes, creams and... diapers!

The Indiana Diaper Bank aims to collect and distribute 170,000 diapers every month. That's a lot of diapers and we need your help! Hosting a diaper drive is an effective and easy way to help us gather the supplies we need to help Indiana families struggling with diaper need.

who can host a diaper drive?

Diaper drives can be organized by individuals, families, small groups, or large groups. No matter the size, a diaper drive has the potential to help hundreds of babies and families. You’ll be surprised how quickly the diapers add up! Common places where individuals hold diaper drives are:

  • Weddings, birthday parties, baby showers – in lieu of gifts, you can request diaper donations

  • Cocktail party, dinner party, movie night, game night – ask folks to bring a pack of diapers as their admission fee

  • Your workplace – encourage fellow workers to drop off outgrown and unused or new diapers

  • Your favorite retail shop or restaurant – most shops are willing to partner with causes that help the community

  • Kids re-sale event – encourage  parents to bring outgrown diapers

  • Place of worship – great youth group or outreach project

  • School or childcare facility – encourage parents to drop off outgrown diapers

  • Neighborhood event – neighbors love helping others in their community

what to collect

Indiana Diaper Bank accepts:

  • New and open packages of disposable diapers

  • Clean cloth diapers

  • Wipes

  • Creams


We accept diapers sizes preemie to 7 and pullups 2T to 5T (no adult diapers).  We’re especially in need of sizes 5 and 6 right now.

how to host a diaper drive

There’s no wrong way to host a drive – select a time and a place, promote it (we’ll help!), and we’ll see you when your drive is over with your haul! If you’d like a little more guidance than that, here is an outline of typical planning steps:


Call Indiana Diaper Bank (317-855-0533) to let us know you want to hold a diaper drive

  • Find out about specific sizes most needed

  • We may be able to provide a bin for you (otherwise any large box or bin works great!)

  • We can set up an Amazon wish list for you if you'd like

  • We may be able to add your drive to our events calendar or post about it on or social media

  • Plan ahead when the drive will start and how long it will last. A drive can be for one day or last up to a month.

  • Consider using a fun theme or timing your drive with a particular event

Choose a date and time

  • Find a convenient place for people to drop off diapers. Partner with neighborhood locations if desired (see sample list of drive locations below)

  • Label collection bins colorfully and clearly with a diaper drop off sign (see sign template in our Diaper Drive Toolkit)

  • Set goals for how many diapers you want to collect

Determine where people will drop off diapers

  • Post flyers

  • Send emails (see sample in our Diaper Drive Toolkit)

  • Share on social media

  • Include links to the online Amazon wish list info (if set up)

  • Ask others to help promote the drive

  • Consider a friendly competition between departments or groups

  • Send reminders at the beginning, middle, and end of the drive

Invite friends, family, colleagues and the online community to donate diapers

  • Tally the number of diapers collected

  • Call us at 317-855-0533 or email Indiana Diaper Bank at to arrange for pick up or drop off of collected diapers post-drive diaper collection with IDB

Let the diapers roll in!

  • Publicize the results of your successful drive

  • Email us a recap that we can post to social media to inspire others

Recap and inspire others

diaper drive toolkit

Diaper Drive ToolKit-Cover.jpg

To help you plan a successful drive, download our Diaper Drive Toolkit below. It contains the steps outlined above, facts about diaper need that you can share, a sample email, sign templates for your collection bin, sharable graphics, and social media tips.

Your support will help us provide diapers to families in need. Together we can do this!

contact us

Call us at 317-855-0533 or email us at with any questions. You can also let us know about a diaper drive you’re holding and we may be able to add it to our events calendar or post about it on our social media.

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