1 in 3 Families Reports #DIAPERNEED
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Indiana Diaper Bank has established discounted rates on diapering essentials. This stretches your dollar for a larger impact!

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Diapers are a Real Need for Many

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Changing Diapers Changing Lives

Indiana Diaper Bank helps enable a healthier start to a promising future for families in need. Fulfilling the most basic baby need is the first step toward a stronger community. It is when our most basic needs are met that we can focus on the most important things in life such as loving and nurturing our children.

Community Need

Indianapolis has an outstanding need and we can work together to close in on the gap. Our city has been named a diaper desert and is currently under served. Indiana Diaper Bank is the only locally based organization with a sole mission to eliminate diaper need in our city.

Our Vision

Feed your family…or diaper your child. Could you choose? Every day thousands of parents across the Hoosier state must ask themselves that question. Indiana Diaper Bank believes that no one should have to make that choice, and with your help, we’re making sure fewer families do.

We know that diapers are only the beginning of what our struggling families need – they need comprehensive social services that address a range of issues from food and diapers to medical and mental health. That’s why we partner with organizations across the city that offer whole family care.

Our Impact

Providing families in need with free diapers influences a range of positive outcomes for these families such as; positive changes in parental mood reducing risk of childhood abuse; improved child health and happiness to nurture their ability to learn and grow; and increased opportunities for childcare, work stability and school attendance.

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Indiana Diaper Bank can use your donation for purchase of diapers, wipes and ointments for babies in need.
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