About Us

Our History

The recognition of the need for diapers in the Indianapolis community started when I had given birth to my second daughter and took an extended maternity leave. It was then I realized there was not a diaper bank in Indianapolis. Later that same year I began the intiative to found the Indiana Diaper Bank, and completed the company finalization in November 2017.

In January 2018 we received our first donation. We have been overwhelmed with generosity since! Buy Buy Baby was a pivotal partnership in our start-up. I found an outstanding need here in Indianapolis and believe every baby deserves a clean diaper, so I have moved from a pledge to do something - to doing it.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to eliminate diaper need in our community by providing a reliable and adequate source of basic baby diapering essentials.

Diaper Drive

PrincetonOne Cares

Nearly 60 PrincetonOne associates from the Indianapolis RPO division volunteered on New Year’s Eve to help the Indiana Diaper Bank sort more than 10,000 diaper donations. The diapers were distributed to 8 state agencies to help more than 500 Hoosier children in need.

Our Purpose

The facts are startling: 1 in 3 families report not having a sufficient supply of diapers to keep their children clean, healthy and dry. The most vulnerable of our neighbors are impacted— infants and children. To make matters worse, government programs such as SNAP and WIC cannot be used towards the purchase of diapers. Indiana has been named a diaper desert and Indiana Diaper Bank is the only coordinating diaper bank to address diaper need in our community.

Indiana Diaper Bank has the opportunity to make a health, social and economic impact. Providing families in need with free diapers influences a range of positive outcomes for these families, such as positive changes in parental mood (reducing risk of childhood abuse); improved child health and happiness (nurturing their ability to learn); and increased opportunities for childcare, work stability, and school attendance.

Our Vision

Everyday thousands of parents across the Hoosier state must ask themselves that question. Indiana Diaper Bank believes that no one should have to make that choice, and with your help, we’re making sure fewer families do.

We know that diapers are only the beginning of what our struggling families need – they need comprehensive social services that address a range of issues from food and diapers to medical and mental health. That’s why we partner with organizations across the city that offer whole family care to distribute our diapers.






Happy Babies and counting...



Diaper Drives

Diaper drives bring in the big three items we need - baby wipes, creams and... diapers!

Register your drive and we’ll send you our Diaper Drive Toolkit, fliers and other tools.

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